Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blog - August 10, 2010

Haven't posted in 4 months. Took a little time off WoW for a while, but started back up about a month ago. Don't play every night, but probably a few times a week. I've finished leveling my Mage to 30 which was a boring process. The Mage is one of my least favorite characters, but I grinded and finally got it done.

Next was my Warlock. I quickly got him up to 30 in Duskwood and the Wetlands. I really enjoyed playing my Warlock. I like the mechanics behind the life drain, life tap and soul drain. If I used those abilities appropriately then there was very little down time.

I guess since I was really enjoying the pet class I went ahead and moved to my Hunter instead of going to my dismall Druid. I'm working in Redridge now with my Hunter and have leveled to 22 so far. Althought he mechanics are different I'm still enjoying the Hunter class. There is very little down time and I can take on quite a few mobs at once.

One other note I would like to mention is I've been reading up on Cataclysm and the changes that will take place. I'm very excited about the additional flight points and the streamlining of the leveling process. It appears that the different zones now are specific to 5 levels instead of some zones overlapping. For example right now I've been following this recipe:
Elwynn Forest

It would be really nice to take out the Wetlands from this equation and I think that is what Cataclysm will do. The Wetlands is just too far away for me. Once I get done with Duskwood, I would like to just go to Stranglethorn. Right now though it's too difficult to go there when I'm about level 27 or 28 after completing Duskwood.

I can't wait for Cataclysm to come out. With the new class/race changes I may restart some of my non-human toons. I believe the Druid is the only one that cannot be Human. For some reason I'm partial to Humans. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekly Blog - April 12, 2010

Played a little over the weekend and my Mage is still at level 22. Finished all but the hardest quests in Redridge so decided to go over to Loch Modan to get a few more easier quests, but still haven't moved up a level after finishing those. When I go back I'll start playing in Duskwood. My Mage is starting to fall down the ranks of enjoyable characters to play. I think he's at 7 or 8 out of 9 instead of #5. I just can't get down the rotation I suppose. I'm having trouble kiting. My mana is around 1.5k but my hp is only about 500k. It just seems boring. Maybe it will get better in Duskwood, but I think the mobs are going to be much tougher and I'll be doing a lot of dieing in the next week or so on my way to level 30. It's going to be brutal I'm afraid.... I can't wait to play my Warlock.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Daily Blog - April 5, 2010

Played only a little bit over the holiday weekend. Spent most of my time putting together my kids swing set and was too tired in the evenings to do anything but sleep. Before that though I did finish leveling my Warrior to 30 in the Wetlands. I then began to play my Mage who I was able to level to 22 in Redridge so far. I died several times trying to get used to the rotations again. I found out my sheep spell is very useful in multiple mob situations, but I have such low hp. Once I get in trouble I'm screwed. Not sure if I'll be able to play much tonight as I'll probably be working late all week. We'll see.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Daily Blog - April 1, 2010

Played only sparingly last night. Flew over to the Wetlands and was only able to do a couple of quests before I had to call it a night. They were low level quests so didn't do much to get my Warrior much closer to level 30. No work tomorrow, so I should be able to play late tonight and finally make it to 30. Then it's on to my frost Mage.

Happy April fools btw. I liked the jokes on WoW's website. I admit, I got fooled when I read the EPEEN thing. I didn't know what was going on as I wasn't looking at the site last year this time. I was pissed when I read it. I had no problem with the gear score thing at first but then when it got into not being able to talk to people in a higher teir or even see them, that's when I was like WTF! With my low gear scores I figured I'd be all alone. I did a little googling after that and read some message boards that it was a joke so I was relieved. It was pretty funny. I then read the other article about the head gear thing for $15k. It was funny too, but much less believable. One day in the future that is what it's going to be though. Where you totally immerse yourself in a game world. I'm thinking houses will eventually have small game rooms that you stand in with video covering all walls instead of just a helmet though. That would be really cool. Can't wait for that.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Check Point - 3/30/2010

Thought I would post a blog about how I enjoy the different classes. I've played them all (except Death Knight) to at least level 20, which I know isn't that high, but I felt like letting you know how much I liked or disliked the classes during the early stages of the game.

The Paladin was my very first roll when I started WoW over a year ago. To tell you the truth I didn't much like the Paladin in the early levels (I think up to 20) because I thought the mechanics (judgement, seals, etc.) was confusing. The whole game was new to me at the time so I think the Paladin was just too challenging for me. That is why I rerolled to something easier, the Rogue, which I will get to next. I also didn't like the fact that I couldn't pull mobs to me because there was no range weapon or spell that I could use.

I then started playing him again to level to 30 and got the Exorcism spell which solved the pull issue. I also began to understand the mechanics of using the Paladin and in fact I really started enjoying the class. I love having a strong spell for pulling in mobs and also being able to melee with the mobs. After the fighting is done, all I have to do is heal myself. A very self sufficient class. Especially since they can also wear heavy armor. Right now this is one of my favorite classes, although if I do end up pulling to many mobs, I tend to die rather quickly. I have to time my heals right.

This, I suppose, would be my main character although he's only 4 levels higher than my second alt. I rolled him second because I thought it would be an easier class. I wouldn't say that the rogue is easy to play but it was nice to have something different than the Paladin at the time. I'm not much of a stealth guy as I felt it took to long to move around. But I did use it if I was going up against multiple mobs. I really liked dual wielding and also the poisons. After leveling the Rogue for quite a while though, I got burned out. It seemed like I was doing the same thing over and over again so that's why I rolled again.

My 3rd character and he is almost to 30. At first I didn't care too much for the mechanics of the Warrior, but I have learned over the past month to really enjoy it. It is becoming really easy to kill multiple mobs, even if they are higher level than myself. All it is is charge, rend, block, revenge, thunder clap, and so forth. The only bad thing is I have to use bandages quite a bit, but lately that hasn't been the case. I may fight 3 mobs at once and then after they are dispatched I look down at my hp and only about 10-20% is gone. That's basically filled up by the time I get to the next group of mobs. I'm really enjoying my Warrior.

My Mage is my 4th character and I rolled him because I wanted to try out the true caster class which I rarely do when playing rpg games for some reason. I haven't played my mage in several months as he is next on my list to level to 30 once the Warrior is done. But, I think I remember enjoying the mechanics behind the mage. I would frost the mobs and then hit them with spells until they were dead. Created my own food and water so didn't take long to recoup between fights. I look forward to getting back to my Mage this week (maybe tonight even).

For my fifth character I wanted to try out a pet class. I was really wanting to stay human as I knew the starting area better so I went with the Warlock instead of the Hunter. My warlock is at 23 right now and I actually really enjoy playing this class as well. The Void Walker as the tank is very nice. It makes it pretty simple to level with the Warlock. It is difficult sometimes to manage the Void Walker and make sure he doesn't pick up too many mobs. Although when this happens you can simply start high tailing it away, because once a couple of mobs focus on you, you're in big trouble with only cloth armor. I can't wait to get back to this class as well.

For my sixth character I decided I wanted some new scenery so I went with the Night Elf Druid. Ugh. This is my least favorite character. I've already played a Mage which is basically what the Druid is in regular form, just a lot less powerful. I had already played the Warrior, which is the bear form, but with a lot less options. I just got the cat form at level 20, or maybe I have to do some quest for it first, not sure, but since I have already played the Rogue it seems like it would pretty much be the same but with less options, like bear form was. Maybe it will be better, I'm not sure. I tried to play the Druid in Bear form but it was so darn boring. I thought regular form was at least a little interesting, but unfortunatly I died a lot because my spells were not that powerful. I know a lot of people like the Druid but I just haven't found anything to like yet. Hopefully it gets better, but I'm not looking forward to leveling him to 30 when the time comes around.

After the Druid I wanted to come back to the Human lands so I rolled a Priest for my seventh character. I didn't think I would like the Priest much so that is why he's my last human character. Something about healing didn't excite me too much. But when I started playing I actually grew to enjoy it. It was nice to hit mobs and be able to have some powerful heals to keep you alive. The only problem was the mana drain. I have to stack up a lot of juices and take breaks between fights. He's at level 20 right now so I look forward to seeing how he does on the way to 30 in the next couple of months.

The next character I was just trying to get one of the last classes in. So number eight was the Shaman. I wasn't too excited about using totems and even after leveling to 20, I'm still not that excited about them. They're ok I suppose but they annoying as well. I suppose the good thing about the Shaman is that he can survive since he's not too squishy like other caster classes. The Shaman never really excited me that much.

The final character (since I don't have a DK yet) was my Hunter. Not sure why I left him for last, mostly because I couldn't get a Human Hunter. I wish I didn't wait so long though, because I really enjoyed leveling my hunter to 20. Much like the Warlock, it's great to have a tank out there while you sit back and shot your gun or bow and arrow. It's really simple to play the Hunter and leveling is a breeze. I can't wait to get back to him.

In order, this is how I would rank the classes (from worse to best):
9. Druid
8. Shaman
7. Rogue
6. Priest
5. Mage
4. Warlock
3. Warrior
2. Hunter
1. Paladin

So I suppose Paladin wins out so far, but it may just be because I've just played him recently. We'll see if my feeling change in my next check point blog.

Daily Blog - March 30, 2010

Was able to play last night for about 2 hours. Made it about halfway between level 29 and 30 so almost there. I've finished all my quests for Duskwood which were really easy, especially now that I have some decent gear from previous quests I completed. I actually have some blues to go along with my greens. I haven't spent my money at the auction house to buy gear as I don't feel like collecting and selling stuff at the auction house to make money. Takes too much time. My gear score is only about 195, but it is fine for my purposes. I can take on 2-3 mobs at a time, even if they are at a higher level with no problems. I went over to the next area, Stranglethorn (I think) and the little camp had no quests for me since I'm too low of a level. I went out and killed a few leopards and tigers, but then I had some technical issues. Not sure if it was my internet or the server, but it kept messing up. I would be fighting something and it would freeze. I would be able to move around the world, but there were no mobs to fight. It was weird. I walked around a bit, but finally gave up and called it a night. If I get to play tonight I should be able to make my way to level 30. Maybe I'll go over to the Wetlands or something and do some quests. I think that area is comparable to Duskwood although it will be extremely easy I'm sure.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Just wanted to rant a little bit about something non-WoW related. I am happy Blockbuster is going down the tube. Back in the day I used to go to Blockbuster all the time to rent movies and games. Now I use Netflix for older movies and Redbox for new releases because it's cheaper and more convenient. I can rent my new release Redbox movies online early Tuesday morning and they'll be waiting for me when I pick them up after work that evening at any location I choose. I don't have to worry about going into a store and waiting in a long line and I don't have to worry about the movie being checked out already. If I'm looking for a non-new release then Netflix has a larger library than Blockbuster and I don't have to worry about late fees. I can watch them when I want to watch them. Blockbuster still does effect my movie watching even though I do not use them. That's because of the "Blockbuster Exclusives." I hate those damn things! I have to wait for those movies to come out on Netflix or Redbox until the "exlusivity period" is over. I hope Blockbuster falls apart so that we won't have those freakin Blockbuster Exclusives anymore. I will not pay $4-$5 to rent a movie for one night. That's ridiculous. I could go out and buy the damn movie for $15-$20 and keep the thing forever.

What I think will happen though is Blockbuster will go under, but the movie studios, or whoever the powers to be are, will keep new releases from going to Netflix and Redbox, so you won't actually be able to rent them for say about a month once they become available on dvd. If you want to watch it you'll have to buy it for the first month. After that, then it goes to the rental chains. That's fine with me. It will not change my rental or buying habits at all. I won't go out there and buy a movie instead of renting just because it's available on dvd. Only if the movie is one I know I will want to own will I buy it straight up. The others I will wait till I can rent it.

that's it, I'm done ranting.